Do you need help with life's challenges?

Counselling offers the opportunity to explore any issues that may be troubling you, in a safe and non judgmental environment, leading to a process of positive change. 

   “ The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” 

                                                                                           ― Mark Twain

 I am an experienced, BACP Accredited  counsellor/psychotherapist offering counselling in Basingstoke  in Hampshire.  About me

How can I help you?

People come to counselling for a variety of reasons including:


 My aim is to offer you a safe and confidential place to help you identify and work through any issues you may wish to explore.

Having a counsellor/psychotherapist alongside you where you feel respected and not judged helps you to explore your issues. This empowers you to identify the choices available and to make your own decisions.  About counselling/psychotherapy

Contact me on 07590 572866 or email to arrange counselling in Basingstoke. Afternoon and early evening appointments available.

 I offer a  free 30 minute introductory meeting; please ask at time of booking.

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Debbie Kelly experienced counsellor in Basingstoke and Alton in Hampshire